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ZSSF has been established under Act N o.2 of 1998 as amended Act No 9 of 2000 and amended by the Government Notice of 2004 and eventually re-appealed and re-enacted ZSSF Act No. 2 of 2005.

The major functions of ZSSF are:-

  • To keep and maintain register of all members and Employer contributing to the Fund and any other register that Board may advise.
  • To receive all contributions and other moneys which are required to be paid into the Fund.
  • To establish and maintain record for each member in respect of all payments made by way of contribution.
  • To investing the contributions and paying benefit when due
  • To engage in any activity whether alone or together with organizations in Tanzania or elsewhere, to promote proper, efficient and effective Social Security administration.

The members of this Fund are covers employees from all sectors of the economy (Government, Private Sectors and Parastatals).

The differences between ZSSF and other Social Security Funds is:-

  • Contributions Rate.
  • Act of the Fund is different.
  • Qualifying period.
  • Benefit provided.

Each member is required to contribute 15% of the salary of which the employer contributes 10% while the employee contributes 5% . Contributions are remitted monthly to ZSSF. The law has given the employer a grace of period of 15 days after end of each month.

According to the law, non-remittance of members contributions by an employers is a criminal offence. A penalty of 5% is charged every 3 months on delayed contributions.

The penalty does not involve the employee. This is the employer responsibility only. However , if the penalty is out of standing when the employee is due for payment of benefits that period is excluded in calculation of the benefits.

Contribution statement are sent to each member or their visit to our office with their member card. However the same statements can be accessed through the ZSSF website e.i

ZSSF invested in deferent ways like:-

  • To buy shares from different Company.
  • Properties which involves commercial and residential buildings.
  • Fixed income asset which includes: Bank deposit, treasury bills, treasury bonds and others.
  • Safety: The Fund invest in areas with minimum risk.
  • Liquidity: a certain proportion of investment are held in assets that are easily into convertible into cash.
  • Yield : resources are committed to high yielding investment.

By following the above principle, the Fund ensures that the members contributions are hedged against inflation while maintaining optimum liquidity levels to meet current financial obligations. These principle also ensure capital preservation, growth and appreciation and the balanced portfolio helps to avoid stains in time of unforeseen contingencies.

ZSSF offer five benefits to their members. But, on this time ZSSF offer to their members three benefits:-

  • Old age benefit
  • Disability benefit
  • Survivors benefit
  • Maternity benefit
  • Medical benefit

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