Zanzibar Social Security Fund was established under the Zanzibar Security Fund Act No. 2 of 1998 subsequently amended by the Zanzibar Social Security Fund Act No. 9 of 2002 and re-enacted by the Act No. 2 of 2005. Prior to the enactment of the Act and establishment of the Zanzibar Social Security Fund, there was no formal social security scheme in Zanzibar. Nor was there a significant private sector/occupational pension scheme sector in Zanzibar. Before the inception of Zanzibar Social Security Fund, public service employees in Zanzibar were covered and received pension benefits under the Pensions Act No. 2 of 1990


Zanzibar Social Security Fund (ZSSF) seeks to be a leader and model social security provider in the Region.


ZSSF is dedicated to be a dynamic provider of social security benefits through the utilization of competent and motivated staff.


To replace member's income in the event of contingencies i.e old age, sickness, maternity, invalidity and death.

Core values

The fund will provide services to its members and the general public on the basis of:

  • Integrity and prudence
  • Quality
  • Transparency
  • Initiative
  • Respective
  • Accountability
  • Trust and teamwork
  • Equal opportunity service provider

Washirika Wetu




S.L.P 2716,Kilimani Mnara wa Mbao,

Zanzibar - Tanzania

Simu ya Mezani: +255 24 2230242

Faksi: +255 24 2232820

Barua Pepe: info@zssf.org

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